Philthy Truth Wraps Up With 2012 Election Coverage

Our final assignment was to live tweet Election 2012 at polls around the Greater Philadelphia region. We’ve showcased our favorite observations with this Storify

Philthy Truth is signing off.

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Tweet Vs. Truth

While browsing the Twitter news feeds regarding the 2012 Presidential Debates, I came across some interesting tweets. Here are some tweets and the truth.

@BarackObama FACT: In 2008, Barack Obama said he would end the war in Iraq, and he kept his promise.

  • TRUTH: On August 31, 2010 President Obama announced the end of combat operations in Iraq, keeping his promise to end the Iraq War responsibly.

@BarackObama For many families, Medicaid is the only way to afford care for the elderly—but Romney’s budget would cut it by a third

  • TRUTH: In Romney’s past, he has raised nursing home costs and his proposed budget will cut Medicare 1/3.

@FactCheckDotOrg Romney repeatedly claims in a series of TV ads that Obama “will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000.” Nonsense.

  • TRUTH: It says his budget could result in a “potentially higher tax burden” over the next 10 years.

 By: Andrea Jordan

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Ballot access contributions

by Abi Reimold


Source: Center for Responsive Politics 

I found this data curious because, if every candidate needs ballot access, why
aren’t other candidates given access funds? I only graphed the data pertaining to
Ron Paul’s committee because he had the most data, but there was one entry for
Romney for President and one for Newt 2012. Why aren’t there more contributions
to this area? And why is the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign committee the PAC
with the greatest number of contributions, amounting to a total of $1,716?

When I googled “Ron Paul” and “ballot access,” I learned that he’s a
proponent of ballot access and sponsored a ballot access reform bill in Congress
during 2007. Paul was a considered a republican presidential candidate in the 2012
election, but dropped out in May 2011. What is strange is that some of the donations
were from as late as February 2012. It’s also weird that the Commonwealth Court of
Pennsylvania, Center City Notary, and Pennsylvania Department of State would be
the donors in this case.

The trend was generally Pennsylvania state money going into the ballot
access coordination fund. Zachary McCabe, one of the donors, appears to be a
Manayunk dweller who threw $20 into this fund. I’ve tweeted at a Zachary McCabe
who seems to live in Philadelphia, but haven’t received a response yet.
My data mining has raised many questions for me that I haven’t been able to
answer yet, but I have learned how to utilize research tools and the Internet to try to
get to what I want to know.

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Where is the Money Coming From for Team Blue?

According to, these are the top 10 contributors to the Democratic Party in the 2012 election. Among these contributors there are major corporations and individuals running for office. This is important for citizens to understand what types of corporations and/or people are giving to the Democratic Party to finance the election. Take a look at the top contributors to the national Democratic party and analyze why these organizations are most interested in giving.

By: Andrea Jordan

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Slaven Campaign Finance

Top 5 Contributors to Mitt Romney

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The reason I found these trends significant is because the contributors for each candidate are vastly different and speak for itself on the divide in this country.  First, two major contributors to the Obama campaign are large universities.  Colleges tend to be more liberal in their teaching and Obama’s education reform plan are more in favor of helping college students before and after college.  Additionally, all contributors to the Romney campaign are big banks and financial corporations who are looking to deregulate government and keep more money in their pockets coincides with Romney’s plan.

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Tweets from the Presidential Candidates

The 2012 presidential election is coming up and it’s very important for everyone to know where both candidates stand on key issues. Twitter, the social media network that allows you to communicate with others, and follow celebrities of your interest is also a good website that helps you keep up with the facts of the presidential election. You can also follow and read tweets from the 2012 presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. There are tweets about the ideas that the candidates feel will improve our country, opinions of one another ideas, debate updates and what both candidates plan to do if elected President for the 2012 term.

I decided to go look at tweets from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. As I looked through a lot of tweets, I chose to focus on the tweets that came off as irrelevant/absurd. There were some that were comical but focusing on the ones that are irrelevant made me think that things said by the two are just a way of insulting one another.

He are some tweets from both presidential candidates that I thought were irrelevant/abusrd…

Fact Check  @factcheckdotorg   October 2

Obama gives false impression that Bush and 08 recession are to blame for a whopping 90% of deficits in last 4 years.

Barack Obama  @BarackObama   October 4

President Obama: “Thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on Big Bird.”

Barack Obama  @BarackObama    October 4

President Obama: “When I got on stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney. It couldn’t have been Mitt Romney.”

Fact Check      @factcheckdotorg  October 3

Romney says he will pay for $5T tax cut without raising deficit or raising taxes on middle class. Experts say that’s not possible….

Mitt Romney     @MittRomney       Sep 20

Candidate Obama’s slogan in 2008 was ‘Yes, we can.’ His slogan now is ‘No, I can’t.’ It’s time for a new president.

by Micaella Wesley

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